Cybele #3604

Character Description: Imagine a confident and cheerful lioness, with golden colored eyes, blonde, almost gold hair, and golden tan body fur. She wears a brown coconut bikini top, grass skirt bottom, seashell pendant necklace, and stylish blue sunshades. Her typical setting is a beach with clear blue skies, palm trees, seashells, and the ocean. The art is Pixar-styled with photo-realistic, glossy, and high-definition details.



In a cozy coastal village, young Cybele felt a special bond with the ocean from the moment she could walk. While others dreamed of adventures, she found happiness in nature's simplicity.

Growing up...

As Cybele grew, her love for the ocean grew too, leading her to craft jewelry from its treasures. With skillful hands, she turned shells and driftwood into beautiful pieces of art, becoming known throughout the island for her talent.


Cybele shares her creations at the CocoPride Shop, where she finds inspiration in the tranquility of morning swims and quiet moments reading. Her jewelry reflects the beauty she sees around her, bringing joy to all who wear it.

CocoPride Shop