Welcome to CocoPride

Where Storytelling, Fashion, and Sustainability ROAR!

CocoPride is a sub-trait community within the LazyLionsNFT ecosystem. We consist of lionesses sporting coconut bras who are passionate about fashion and prioritize environmental sustainability.

While we warmly welcome everyone, our particular emphasis lies in empowering and supporting females within the Web3 community.

  • #MindsetMonday

    Cultivate a productive mindset by setting three goals to accomplish for the week, and receive community updates.

  • #TrendyTuesday

    Join Lucy and share your favorite fashion trends, outfit ideas, or DIY wardrobe hacks.

  • #WellnessWednesday

    Join Rocstar at the Body Conditioning Center to share your wellness journey and tips.

  • #ThirstyThursday

    Join Chante & Clover at The Sireness Speakeasy, a transformed shipwreck bar. Let's toast to all that we have to be thankful for!

  • #FeatureFriday

    We celebrate #FullSetFriday with our seasoned collectors, spotlight creative builders, and explore the amazing characters being created together!

  • #SustainableSaturday

    Join CocoPride's monthly cleanup initiative. Together, we can create a paw-sitive impact and a healthier planet.

  • #LazySunday

    Join Flora to rest, re-fuel, and refocus for the upcoming week.

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CocoPride blends creative storytelling and mindful purchasing, all while practicing sustainablility. When you purchase with us, it's more than just buying something; it's about contributing to a paw-sitive impact!

There are two ways to join Coco Pride

Join Us!

Coconut Bra Lioness

Ownership of any of the 303 Lazy Lions wearing the signature coconut bra. 

OpenSea Collection

Coconut Bra Cub

Ownership of an older coconut bra cub wearing the seashell necklace, or a younger coconut bra cub wearing a beautiful tropical flower lei.

OpenSea Collection

(Additional) Sunset Bungalow or Lazy Scene

Add one of the matching 1,438 sunset bungalows from the Lazy Lions Bungalow Collection. 

OpenSea Collection

Add one of the matching 24 Coco Canyon Scenes from the Lazy Scenes Collection. 

OpenSea Collection

**These assets are in addition to your lioness or cub, and does not qualify alone as a CocoPride membership asset.

Once you have obtained a Lioness or Cub...

Join CocoPride on X or discord to participate and stay up to date on community events.