The Story Behind Our Mission...

After experiencing the LazyLions lifestyle on Private Island, Kanaloa invited CocoPride home to Hawaii. During their visit, they joined forces with BEBETTER, a non-profit dedicated to combating microplastic pollution. Together, they learned to repurpose collected seashells, sea glass, and vibrant plastics into stunning jewelry and art.

Now they're back and energized for action!

Join us in our mission to inspire paw-sitive change and a healthier future.

♻️ How You Can Participate...

  • Cleanup Initiative: Participate once a month by heading to your local beach, trail or park to collect trash. Prevent it from reaching our oceans and share your efforts with the community.
  • Engage & Learn: Exchange tips and information on eco-friendly practices. Share ideas on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and support each other's efforts.

🍑 Lazy Butt Holders...

We've got something special for you!

We're excited to unveil the latest masterpiece by 3DKings: a stunning beach cleanup image that captures the essence of our mission. So don't miss out – grab your exclusive artwork and let's continue making waves in the fight against ocean pollution.