Lucy #1813



Lucy grew up in a cozy coastal village as Cybele's little sister. She spent a lot of time outdoors, always on the lookout for the wildest adventures, as it made her feel particularly free and powerful. On her journeys of discovery, she more and more recognized and appreciated the sheer beauty of nature - but when she saw a butterfly for the first time, it turned her whole world upside down.

Growing up...

She began designing her first gown: a butterfly costume. This caused furore among the islanders. Young Lucy demonstrated great craftsmanship and creativity. She made it her mission to take her love for nature as a source of inspiration to create fashion. Driven by the desire to infect others with her enthusiasm for sustainability, re-use and deep respect for the environment.


Lucy loves to go for long walks or rides on her motorcycle. From there she often brings back objects or materials to use in her clothes or accessories. She also creates fashion pieces for other islanders. As a fashion influencer, she shares her latest creations online and gives fashion advice.

Lucy's Closet

  • Fishnet Top

    Transforming beachside debris into seaside chic: Lucy gathers discarded fishnets, weaving sustainability into style, crafting fashionable tops for women with an ocean-loving flair.

  • Seashore Seashell Dress

    Transforming Coco Beach treasures into wearable art: Shells become the essence of high fashion in dresses and skirts, embodying the beauty of mosaic-inspired elegance.

  • Raincoat

    Crafted exclusively from recycled plastic collected during CocoPride Beach Cleanups, it's not just a raincoat—it's a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and ocean preservation.

  • Pompous Palm Pants

    Proudly presenting Pompous Palm Pants! These eco-friendly and comfy pants are made from hemp and fastened with a bamboo button.

  • Coco Palm Purse (Green)

    Crafted exclusively from palm fibers collected at CocoBeach, the Coco Palm Purse is a must-have accessory for every lioness!

    (Green or Brown)

  • Coco Lagoon Gown

    While visiting Coco Lagoon, Lucy found herself mesmerized by the water's unique hues and sheer elegance. This serene beauty became her muse for designing the Coco Lagoon Gown, a creation that captures the lagoon's ethereal charm.

  • Sundress

    Radiating the warmth of the summer sun, this Sundress masterpiece is a burst of fun and vibrant vibes, perfect for embracing the season's playful spirit!

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