Skittles #7267

Character Description: Imagine an older anamorphic lioness with long, luscious rainbow hair, pure white fur, and vivid pink eyes. She wears a black cap with 'LAZY' written in pink, a coconut bikini top, a grass skirt, and a seashell pendant necklace. Her typical setting is enjoying the view of Rainbow Falls. The art is Pixar-styled, with photo-realistic, glossy, and high-definition details.



Skittles was born during a time of prosperity and peace, at Rainbow Falls on Private Island. Her adventures began at Roar Elementary, where amidst laughter and camaraderie, she formed deep friendships with classmates like Vince, the future King, and the enigmatic Glitch. Together, they navigated the trials of youth, unaware of the looming test that would challenge their bonds.

Growing up...

In the crucible of the Great War, Skittles emerged as a fierce warrior, her valor immortalized in the chronicles of legend. As an esteemed member of the Lazy Hat Council, Skittles played a vital role in reshaping the island's society after the conflict. With her sharp insight and unyielding leadership, she spearheaded the establishment of CocoPride—a sanctuary born from the ashes of war, offering refuge to the lionesses left behind. Through every hardship, Skittles stood firm, her dedication to safeguarding CocoPride unwavering against the tides of adversity.


Now in the twilight of her years, Skittles has retreated from the forefront of leadership, seeking solace within the sanctuary she helped to build. Yet, shadows from her past cast a gloom over her future. As secrets resurface and the past threatens to unravel, Skittles remains resolute in her commitment to defending CocoPride and ensuring its enduring prosperity against any challenge that may arise.

Rainbow Falls